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30 September 2013

Reviews of RC Edrington's Books

"Scarred Canvas"review by Ron Androla:

"Fuck you. I mean that as both message & sentiment in regards to reading RC Edrington's latest book of poems. Fuck you & yr clean poems. Fuck you & yr  undamaged mind & veins & heart. Fuck you & yr preconceived perceptions of what a poet shld say, or be, or how he or she shld act. Fuck you &  intellectual density, even emotional density, spiritual density, allow for the transparent ghosts. & fuck you for being a ghost, & transparent. RC's  poems are unapologetic. His poems are not kisses & smiles – rather, the poems are raging, & insane. I don't know how a man cld manage to rein in  the anger in the form of a poem, but RC has attained the feat. This is a  rare achievement. These poems are LIFE, & not manufactured, manicured, College-altered equations. Fuck you. These poems are tough, & messy, &  existentially sad: reality. Reality is always saying fuck you." 

"Scarred Canvas" review by Bart Solarczyk:

"Edrington splatters the page & scars the canvas with scenes of runaway goth waifs, bored housewives on the make, aging tattooed punk rockers, assorted drunks & junkies all shuffling a broken bottle landscape where what passes for love is measured out in dime bags, bad booze & bargain cigarettes. Rented rooms, always the hustle, dirty money changing dirty hands, one day winners & other losers, the smell of infection, an itch burrowed beneath skin digging deeper. Hard times, hard liquor, whores & heroin, for the sake of the hard story, for the poems come to break & hollow bone. A man endures & writes it down & now it's yours dear reader. A rosey blood cloud blooming in a shared syringe."

"Poppy Tinged Kiss" review by John Dorsey:

"Okay, so I've read RC Edrington's "Poppy Tinged Kiss" a few times now and what strikes me most is Edrington's willingness to do the hard thing--to share the most painful details of his life without flinching. He has taken all of his flaws as a human being and come out the other side with a fistful of powerful poems without reducing himself to just another dime a dozen Bukowski cliché and it's refreshing. There are those who consider themselves part of the literary underground and there are those that define it through years of hard work and RC Edrington is one of the best we've got!!"