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30 June 2012

Poetry Notes 6-30-12

Regular readers of this blog will have noticed by now that the Poetry Section has shrunk to a few sample pieces. The primary reason for this is that about 95% of my poetry gets published either in online zines, print journals, anthologies, or books.

It occurred to me that if I posted all my poetry on this blog, there would be no incentive for you readers to visit the web-zines that publish me, or purchase the various journals and books my poetry appear in. I find this to be quite unfair to the editors and publishers who have invested their own time and money to help spread my words. 

There are numerous online journals where you can read my poetry free. Perhaps by visiting these sites you may also expose yourself to the many talented writers out there in small press land. There are also numerous print journals that publish my words, and could use your support by purchasing a copy or even a subscription. There is a lot of talent out there waiting to be read. If you look at the list under A Few Fave Links, you'll find the short list of where to discover my words. Invest a little bit of time and money, and help the small press grow.

On a related note, I have just had 6 poems accepted for Issue #10: Wage Slave Orgy in the award winning UK journal Polluto. If you are unfamiliar with this award winning journal, it is always packed full of sci-fi, fantasy, surreal, bizarre, counterculture short stories, poetry, and artwork. It's a top notch journal that you should give a look: Polluto Magazine

I'll also have 5 poems appearing in the forthcoming print issue of Zygote In My Coffee...(never sure how Brian is going to put this out, but it's sure to be a must have book) another journal that has been good to my words over the years. Editor/Publisher Brian Fugett always puts out a quality journal and tries to keep the cost as low as possible. A subscription would be your best bet in my book: Zygote In My Coffee 

Other projects are in the works, but that's all I'll offer up for now...

**The artwork above is "Out of Reach" by Ora Tamir. I purchased a Giclee of this many moons and ex-girlfriends ago. It remains one of my favorite pieces of art. To see more of her work: Ora's Art