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18 November 2012

Patching The Holes...

I realized at an early age that life was fairly meaningless. This wasn't in and of itself a negative or positive thing...it was just a simple fact as far as I could tell. However like most of you, I attempted to lie and convince myself otherwise and buy into whatever bullshit was being peddled at the time. Some of you are still caught in that illusion of purpose. You slave over jobs that hold no meaning to purchase products that have no meaning to assimilate into a society that holds no meaning.

Some of you are even arrogant enough to be caught up in the religion delusion. Yes, arrogant. Why? What else would you call a person that actually believes there is someone out there that on a second to second basis actually cares about your mundane existence. Religious people are just a bunch of self-centered Paris Hilton's parading the intricacies of their pettiness upon a stage to garner applause and attention under the arrogant assumption that someone actually gives a fuck. I, in fact, wish I could convince myself there was a god. My life would be so much easier. At least I'd have an actual target for my angst.

Truth and meaning are only things which I discover within and about myself. The outside world is merely a thorn in my paw to produce a bit of agitation that in turn forces me to respond. My responses to these thorns are the words I toss on the page. But trust me, at no time do I ever fool myself into believing that any of this actually means anything outside of my own head. These words are merely the truths I use as band-aids to patch the holes of my existence. That doesn't make me a nurse able to patch all. You are responsible for finding your own bandages and crutches to get through this existence.