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02 December 2012

Prima Donna

Are all your T-Rex LP's worn out? What about your 70's era Bowie records? New York Doll's anyone, with a tinge of early (real) punk rock tossed in for a bit of spice? Let's say...maybe the RAMONES?

I rarely listen to new bands these days. However recently I accidentally stumbled across the Prima Donna's. The sound was familiar and kicked some serious ass. A bunch of bands from the 70's immediately jumped to mind. No, the Prima Donna's didn't sound like some cheezy cover band...or a modern band raping musical history like so many bands do nowadays. They sounded like a band that traveled forward in time and could easily have shared the stage, or at least opened for the bands previously mentioned.

Anyway, I highly recommend their latest album "Bless This Mess" on ACETATE RECORDS. The album is available on iTunes and all your regular music outlets.

You can get more info and all your Prima Donna gear on the bands website: Prima Donna Rocks 

My favorite song off the album is the T-Rex influenced Feral Children.

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