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07 January 2013

Underground Voices Moves to Print

"Underground Voices started as an online literary magazine in 2004 publishing hard-hitting, raw, dark fiction, flash fiction and poetry.

In 2006, it started publishing an annual print edition, alongside the monthly online issues. In 2009, Underground Voices expanded into a small press.

And finally, in 2013, Underground Voices decided to become an independent book publisher only, publishing 1-3 books a year. One of those books is still the annual Underground Voices print anthology (a collection of short stories and poetry), so submissions are always welcome. Note: there were will be Kindle versions too." -- UV Editor

I recently received notification that Underground Voices has decided to publish my collection "Scarred Canvas" in 2013. I feel very honored, as Underground Voices has been one of my favorite online journals since I was first invited to submit to their 1st issue.

So Check out what's new over at Underground Voices

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