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26 February 2013

The Ranting Beast "Scarred Canvas" Book Review

The Ranting Beast (Stephen P Byrne):
Book Review: Scarred Canvas by RC Edrington 

"She raises her frail bird-boned hands to wipe fresh teardrops from her eyes, she reveals thin scars carved up & down her pale wrist". Scarred Canvas

"Edrington writes with balls and a voice from the harsh jaws of life. These poems must be read and you can be sure that you will be hearing more and more of this poet in the future. Think of Bukowski and Burroughs, mixed and mashed with more energy and valour, roared and shot from a gun to explode in words and you have the wonderful expressive hard hitting poetry of Edrington to behold in your collection, to read and reread, poems of a personal nature unheard of in contemporary writing, just make sure you have finished your breakfast before hand." --Stephen P Byrne

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I would like to thank Cecilia Ferreira for the wonderful cover art